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The Power in Ritual

Energy coupled with intention is a powerful force! In this month’s Blog, we’re going to discuss rituals and how developing your own personal ritual can help you harness your energetic powers and use it to create peace, heal, and develop a deeper connection with Spirit.

Rituals began in human history as ceremonious affairs rooted in religion, offering those partaking in the Spiritual event a personal moment and experience with The Divine. What makes this experience possible is the synergy of your personal intention with the act of the ritual itself. Pure intention is key when performing a ritual; without intention you lose all energetic momentum.

So what, exactly, is intention? Intention is the focus, control and direction of your energetic powers! When your mind, body, heart and Spirit is focused on one point simultaneously you are harnessing your energy and controlling its direction. You can direct that energy anyway you wish. As an exaggerated example of how it feels to experience a moment of intention that I feel everyone can resonate with, consider those times where you gotten so engrossed with a really good book or movie or felt really connected to playing a favorite game. During these moments, your energy is in a focused, heightened and positive state and you are applying your intention (powers) to that activity. And what about that feeling of immense satisfaction you get when you’re focused on these activities? That is just proof of your rendezvous with The Divine! (As subtle or as intense as it may be).

Adding the act of the ritual strengthens and solidifies your intention(s) by adding your physical-ness (yes, I just made that word up) to the mix. ALL four elements are now activated for you! (Hel-LOOO Magician!!) 😊 The four elements are Fire; your passion and desire. Water; your emotion and heart. Air; your thoughts and words. And now finally, Earth; your physical act and the use of your tools of ritual (candle, sage, altar, etc.).

There can be countless reasons to perform a personal ritual, for example, to start/end each day, to ask Spirit for assistance, to heal yourself or others, or to create peace. Personally, I have a morning ritual I perform daily; As I light a candle I say aloud (with focused intention and genuine gratitude), “Thank you Spirit for this new day and thank you for your presence with me this morning”. I light Sage for clearing and to honor my Spiritual Team by “tidying” up my energetic space. I then perform a personal Tarot reading asking Spirit for what energies are available for me that day (and sometimes for clarifications on dreams or messages I received the night before). During this time, I am completely engrossed in my communing with Divine. I am holding space and attention to this interaction. To close or end the ritual I thank Spirit again and offer peace and love to myself and others and blow the candle out (or keep it lit if, by chance, there is someone specific requiring healing; I dedicate the flame to the individual(s) and allow it to die out on its own).

As you can see, with my example of my personal morning ritual; this is truly a sacred moment because I’m opening the veil to the Spirit World; I am performing the ritual with the help of Spirit. They are fully present and are always willing to create a safe space for me. (Spirit really LOVES working with us!). Below are some examples of simple rituals that may interest you, and at the least help provide positive energies for you. If rituals interest you, there are so many great resources and books available out there for you to review. Go towards whichever calls you!

Remember, to begin your rituals in a place of focused intention. I recommend always begin by lighting a candle, burning sage, and stating your genuine gratitude to your Spiritual Team, but again, do what feels best for you! In the below examples I’ll list some good tools, pointers and ideas but feel free to create and mold the actual ritual to your liking! End the ritual with gratitude again and blowing out any candles if desired.

Ritual for Peace

  • Crystals such as Rose Quartz, Selenite and/or Amethyst are great stones to invoke energies of peace and love. You can have these placed around your candle or you can hold it in your hands as you pray.

  • If you have a deck of Tarot Cards, or can print out Tarot Card images, you can meditate or simply focus your energy on The Temperance Card.

  • You can also include an image or statue of a deity that imbues the powers and energies of peace, such as Kuan Yin.

  • Reading a brief excerpt from a religious/Spiritual text or a nice quote that speaks to your Spirit regarding love, peace and harmony

  • Actually offering peace to someone specifically, either yourself or someone else, or everyone collectively. “May you be at peace today”

Ritual for Healing

  • Crystals that offer healing energies are Tourmaline and Citrine

  • The best Tarot Card for healing, is hands down, The Star!

  • A powerful deity for healing can be Isis or Shiva

  • Offering a prayer for the person you’re requesting healing for, remember to visualize them receiving this healing energy. If you are offering healing for yourself, envelope your entire Being with White Light and ask your Spiritual Team to surround you and strengthen the power of the Light.

I hope this helps. Feel free to reach out to me for more ideas or leave a comment below to share your own personal rituals!

Stay blessed. Stay Protected and ALWAYS Stay Grateful!


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