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Healing With Tarot: #17 The Star Card

Healing With Tarot: #17 The Star Card

The Star Tarot Card is the epitome of healing, hope and inspiration and is a great card to appear in your Tarot reading! In this blog, we’ll discuss the energies of The Star card and how meditating on this special card can help you heal and strengthen your relationship with Spirit!

The Star Symbolism & Meaning

The Star Card speaks of hope, faith, blessings and calm healing energies. The main figure in the card is a naked woman tending to the water and land while stars shine in the night sky above. This is a sign of growth, knowing who we are and having ultimate faith and ease with our connection to Divine Source energy. The woman is not ashamed of her nakedness, nor is she concerned of anyone possibly coming across her or judging her. She’s fully immersed in a dream-like awareness and appreciation for the abundant and infinite waters streaming from the vessels in her hands. She pours into the body of water as well as the ground, feeding and nourishing them both, not seeking sustenance for herself because she is fully aware that she, too, is part of the Divine and Infinite Realms! She’s fully tapped into the well of Divine Wisdom, which is symbolized by the Ibis bird resting atop a tree in the background. The Ibis represents Thoth; the God of Wisdom and of Magic. His presence in the Star Card signifies that the heart and mind has transcended the matrix and is free of any human and societal conditioning.

In the energy of the Star card, we are not afraid. We are not concerned. We are simply BE-ing. We are not bogged down by our trivialities of everyday life. We are fully aware of our Divine Spark and we are at ease with ourselves, “flaws” and all! In the Star, we are whole again, not fragmented by our pains and anguish, our battles and challenges, we are FREE and elevated to Divine Light and Connection!

Let the Star Card remind you of your innate Divinity; your inner unique Light. Be conscious of the Vessel of Love that you truly are! You are made perfect as is, and only YOU can be YOU! Stay hopeful and faithful and trust that you can overcome anything and be reborn in Love and Light.

Star Card Affirmations

“I’m Unique and Special”

“I am a Spark of Divine Source Energy!”

“I am enough!”

“I can overcome anything because I am a Child of God”

“I am a vessel of Divine Love”

“My Spirit is Wise beyond my physical mind”

“I’m open to my purpose and inspiration!”

“I’m loving me!”

“I know who I AM!”

Practical Ways to Meditate with Tarot:

  1. Take a moment of peaceful retreat (disconnect from phones, social media, TV, email etc.) and sit alone with the image of the Star Card (best if done right before bed).

  2. Gaze upon the card and allow your mind to interact with the images. (Imagine walking into the card’s image and ask the Star lady some questions – be open to what responses you receive!)

  3. Be aware of how the card makes you feel, what kind of thoughts come to mind.

  4. Set a prayer of hope and faith and sit within these energies as you contemplate the energies of the card.

  5. Go over the affirmations mentioned above.

  6. End with gratitude

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