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You must have received a New Client Astro Package session with The Guided Tarot prior to purchasing this service. See Astro Charts Page to purchase the Personal Astro Chart session.


The Guided Tarot will choose which charts to read based on your inquiry or concern. Use the submission form on this page to enter your birth information as well as your question/concern/area of focus (e.g. family, career, money, life purpose etc). If you don't have a specific question we will do a reading based on major planetry influences.


Example Charts that may be used during this session:

  • Solar Return/Birthday Chart Reading - this chart dives into themes and events that you may experience during your new astrological year. This chart reading is best done either 2 months before or after your birthday.
  • Transits Reading - this chart explains the planetary themes that are affecting you during a particular time (past, present or future). This chart can also bring insight to questions or concerns you may have and can offer advice on what to watch out for or what to turn your focus and attention to.



  1. Once you submit your order The Guided Tarot will reach out to you ASAP (within 2 - 24  hours) to schedule your session.
  2. Your live recorded Zoom session will be scheduled at least a week in advance - but please note that it can take up to 2 weeks to receive your session (you will know your date and time the same day you place your order, as mentioned above). Expect your session to be 1 - 2 hours long.
  3. You must submit your date and correct time of birth as well as your place of birth (City, State, Country) - all three items must be correct and submitted for your session to be scheduled.
  4. If you have any specific concern or question that you would like to focus on please include that in your order form below
  5. You will receive a copy of the recorded session via email 2 - 4 hours after your session ends


    Astro Chart Follow Up/Check-In

                 CALL/TEXT: 302-513-1407
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