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Working with Your Energy

As most of my viewers and clients are aware of, I place great importance on energy and its vibrational patterns and effects. I can’t stress enough the importance of clearing, cleansing and protecting your own energies. This blog entry will focus on how energy affects us and what you can do to help clear and protect your own energies.

Everything is Energy

The entire universe and multiverses are all comprised of energy and that includes everything in it, like you and me, your pets, plants, tables, chairs, etc.; we are all made up of energy (very powerful energy at that). So, with keeping this in mind, be aware that everything is constantly in a vibrational state and varies by frequency, which means that energy can travel, change and transform often in very subtle but significant ways. (Also, keep in mind, energy never dies, it transmutes). It’s the subtlety of energetic changes that can catch us off guard; the effects (whether negative or positive) can be gradual or instantaneous and profound. Energy also has this magnetic quality about it; where it can seek its own vibrational match and attach itself to it, increasing the energy’s power and the effects can be experienced in our third dimensional realm. This power can manifest in various ways, including how we think, feel and act towards ourselves and others. Because our bodies are basically receptors and transmitters of energy the effects can be significant to ourselves and to others. And because we are all connected in the vibrational realm of energy, third dimensional (physical) distance means nothing. For instance, if you were thinking of your cousin that lives 100 miles away from you, you are sending him/her your energy, and the recipient of your energetic communication could receive this energy in a number of ways depending on what type of energy was sent (what types of thoughts or feelings you were entertaining) and what type of energy they, too, were emitting/experiencing at that point in time. So, it is definitely beneficial to be aware of your own energies and to be careful of what types of energies we are sending out, because remember, energy is also magnetic, so if you were to emit negative energy towards someone else, you have simultaneously opened yourself up to also receive that energy in return.

Be Empowered!

With all that I’ve mentioned above, it can be easy to fall down the rabbit hole of victimization, where we tend to feel that we are at the mercy of other people’s energies, and although there is some truth to that, I, personally, refuse to be a victim and I hope you are willing to take the same stance with me! My mission and goal with The Guided Tarot is to help empower My Fellow Magicians! We are NOT victims! We are powerful beings that can harness our energies as well as protect and defend it from other energies that do not serve our Highest Good! So, with that in mind, lets talk about how you can take the reins and take back control.


First and foremost, visualization is KEY! When visualizing we consciously enter the unseen realms; where energy can be easily manipulated and controlled. Remember, thoughts are energy and when we control our thoughts, we control our energy! Below are some very potent, yet simple, visualizations that you can take advantage of throughout your day that can help you harness your energetic powers:

First-Wake Visualizations

The first few moments after waking is prime real estate for energy work because during our sleeping hours we reset our energetic systems, so basically you are starting from a clean energetic slate each morning! As soon as you wake up visualize a white light of love and peace surrounding you. In this light you are safe and at one with Spirit. Take this moment to be thankful for a new day. You can practice with a mantra such as “I am a being of Love and Light, of Peace and Grace. Thank you Spirit for this beautiful day ahead of me”.

At Work

Visualize a bubble of white light around your entire body (this is often called “Bubbling”). This light is a protective barrier against other energies that do not serve you. When you enter your workspace, Bubble it and others you work with. Say to yourself “I protect my self and my space and offer Love, Peace and Awareness to others”

End of Day

At the end of your day call back all of your energy throughout the day by asking your Spirit Guides to help you. Visualize your Spirit Guides gathering your energies and giving them back to you (it doesn’t matter how you visualize their physical appearance in this exercise). You can visualize this as a gathering of little light orbs back to the center of your body/torso. Then visualize a release of any other energy that does not belong to you nor serve you (this can be a visual of gray light/dust being shaken off of you). Thank your Guides for their assistance.

Before Going to Sleep

Similar to your waking visualization; imagine a white light surrounding your body. Repeat the mantra, “I am a Being of Love and Light, of Peace and Grace”. You can also take this moment to be thankful for the day.

Releasing Foreign Energies

If, by chance, you may feel you are experiencing someone else’s energy (maybe you start feeling an odd pain that seems to come from nowhere, or you feel angry, upset or hurt for no apparent reason, etc). visualize yourself pushing out this energy away from you (you can even physically push it away from your body by using your hands). Usually, it takes time and practice working with your energetic body before being able to recognize your own energy from that of others, in the meantime, feel free to use this visualization whenever you feel it necessary.

Clearing Your Physical Space

Physical clearing/cleansing can be done with a combination of sage and visualization. Light your sage bundle and allow the smoke to reach all corners of a room/space you’re clearing while stating aloud, “I am releasing all negative energies and filling this space with Light and Love”. Visualize any negative energies leaving while white light fills it. If the room has a window, open it and visualize the energies leaving through the window. Thank Spirit and your Angels at the end of this exercise.

I hope you found this article to be helpful. I will discuss Energy Centers (i.e Chakras) in a future blog. Stay Blessed and Protected my Fellow Magicians! xoxo

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