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"Walking Into" Tarot

For the Tarot beginners out there, I feel your struggle! I know how it is to stare blankly at a card trying so hard to understand and grasp the concepts of the images, the colors and trying to remember what and how the element of a particular suit applies or what random symbols mean. It can be frustrating as hell! (I mean pull-your-hair-out, stomp on the floor like a child frustrating!) There have been times I just shut my Tarot guidebook closed and went to sleep. But lucky for you (and for me, of course), I came across a pretty decent method to connect to the cards and to understand just what the heck is going on in them. It only takes a few minutes per card and it will save you so much time and headache you're going to want to kiss the screen you're reading this on!

Grab your deck (any deck) and let's get started!

OK, first off, I'm a huge fan of cards with detailed images. I, personally, despise the more modern simplistic images I'm finding more and more in decks out there; it does nothing for me. So I hope you grabbed a deck with some decent images that provide color and variety and has a splash of imagination to boot! Pick a card, any card and look at it. Imagine yourself walking into the image, like literally walking right into the card. Look around, what do you see? Is there someone there? Simply ask him/her "What's up?" "What are you doing?" "What are you thinking?" "How are you feeling?" Are there animals in this card? Ask them too! Ponder to yourself what inanimate objects are representing. How are they relevant? How do you feel when you look around the scenery? Doing this exercise connects you directly to the card. Your imagination will take you to where you need to be, and don't feel silly with the responses you may come up with; everything is relevant.

Let's try an example. Below is The Strength card, from one of my most favorite decks, Steampunk Tarot.

OK, you're walking into the card. First reactions? "Holy shit! It's a lion!"(Don't run back out, OK?) lol Anyway, yes, there's a lion. In this card, the lion is hurt, and a woman is knelt beside the lion. "Hey woman, wtf are you doing with that lion?" The woman, "I'm helping him. He's wounded". I think to myself, damn, either this woman has some serious magic going on or she must seriously be calm and balanced inside as well as courageous. Look at how the lion looks at her with understanding and complete submission. And look at how she gazes, doesn't even seem to phase her. She also must be seriously compassionate because she is helping this beast with his injury, unafraid and completely courageous! I admire her immediately.

You see how this works now, don't you? Go ahead and give it a try with other cards. Have fun, until next time! :)

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