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The Magic in Letting Go

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

As 2019 comes to a close, we are faced with a lot of heavy energies and experiencing the need to release what no longer serves us as we enter a brand-new cycle in our lives. Thankfully the Universe is assisting us through this transition with supportive (albeit sometimes uncomfortable) cosmic energies. Spirit is urging all of us to take a hard look at our past (this past year and this past decade especially) to appreciate the lessons learned and to discard the energies that have run its course. In this blog entry, lets focus on the magic and power found in letting go and in accepting change.

Letting Go

We are all creatures of habit; once we become accustomed to something or someone, even simply an idea or expectation, it can become so difficult to detach or accept any deviations. It can almost feel like the change we’re experiencing is “wrong” somehow, simply because our minds detected a modification to what seems “ordinary” and what's been a constant in our life; whether it's "good" or "bad". Everything inside of us wants to resist the feelings of the unknown; what lies ahead as we transition through an experience that is ushers in transformation. But truth be told, change is EVERYthing and is the most powerful energy you may ever experience in your lifetime! The way to harness this power and use it for your benefit and Highest Good is through radical acceptance. When we accept the changes that occur in our lives, we open ourselves up to Divine Connection and flow; in essence we begin to “float” with the Universe’s current using the powerful energy of Faith as opposed to swimming against it, which is what happens when we resist!

Acceptance requires us to release our attachments and to master our thoughts and feelings; admittedly, this is no easy feat my Fellow Magicians; so be kind and compassionate towards yourselves; release any self-criticisms, judgements and expectations as you work through these energies. The following are some helpful suggestions to assist you in the process of acceptance. Keep in mind this is an ongoing process and we can cycle in and out of various emotions and thoughts as we work towards letting go and accepting change.

Stay in the Present

The power of the present moment is where we can gather our strength and gain footing. Releasing the energies (thoughts, emotions etc) of the past and not allowing our minds to worry about the future helps us in focusing on the here and now. When you experience moments where your thoughts may be going a mile-a-minute or it just simply keeps reverting away from the present moment take time to breathe (deep inhales and exhales) and visualize these energies being lifted away from you. Say a prayer and ask your Guides and Angels to assist you during these moments. A daily meditation routine would help you immensely because it ensures that you are connecting to Spirit and your Higher Selves on a consistent basis, doing so will make staying present even easier.

Practice Gratitude

Genuine gratitude is another powerful tool in our arsenal bag and should be used each day, specifically when we rise out of our sleep state and right before we return to it. Gratitude also assists with staying in the present moment because it shifts our energies to all the people, things and places that our Spirit energetically thrives with and are called to. The “thing” we are grateful for doesn’t have to be something of immense significance either; you can be genuinely grateful for the feel of your pillow against your face. The object you’re focusing your gratitude towards is truly irrelevant, what matters is the energy of your appreciation. When you’re in the moment practicing your gratitude, really feel it! The healing powers of gratitude will help change your vibration immediately. (Writing down things you are grateful for is helpful too, but I emphasize taking the moment to truly feel it; to focus your attention for a few moments, and not just creating a list and walking away).

Minding the Lesson(s)

Take inventory of the lessons learned from this experience. What knowledge can be gained that can be deposited into your bank of wisdom and experience? How can these lessons help you on your path forward? These lessons are golden! Also take time to appreciate these lessons because they’ve changed you for the better!

Keeping Faith

Releasing your worries and giving it to the Divine is paramount! Spirit knows, my Fellow Magicians! SPIRIT KNOWS! Have faith that they are working diligently on your behalf. Things are being orchestrated in order for you to receive the opportunities and experiences that feed your Soul. You are never alone! EVER! Keep your faith and understand that things can’t always be in your control. Times like this requires us to walk blindly, but with patience and continued faith, things will become crystal clear.

Happy New Decade everyone! I wish you so much joy and abundance in this new decade! I love you all! Stay Blessed and Protected!


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