The Ancestral Link: Transcending Our Karmic Past

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

We all enter this dimension with the karmic debt and contracts passed down from our ancestral lineage. The "Family Tree" doesn’t just identify our family members and our DNA doesn't just show us where our families originate from and what genetic traits we've adopted; it also describes our Spiritual journey through this 3rd dimension. You can think of your ancestral lineage (and even your DNA) as a gateway, or portal to this world from other dimensions! In this month’s Blog, we’re going to dig deeper into a general understanding of our human lineage, what it means to us and our Spiritual path here on Earth, how karma plays a role and how to begin healing our ancestral past.

Our Souls are deeply and utterly enmeshed with this world of time and space, so enmeshed, in fact, that one would not be able to live without the other; creating a symbiotic relationship. Everything in our galaxy is cosmically linked; The Soul’s Journey is also the Universe’s Journey, the human body sharing the same elements as the stars, and galaxies in the Universe; we are all indeed ONE, floating around together in a soup of time, space and matter, completely experienced by human consciousness. You can consider this dimension as a proving ground of some sort; a place where we come to experience chaos but to also learn how to harness it and transcend it!

Our lineage is intertwined with the energies from our collective pasts as well as our individual past lives. Our family’s past outlines the journey we each take in this life. Our mothers and fathers and their mothers and fathers were born and survived in order for you to continue the missions inherent in your DNA and in your Spiritual ancestral line. Our lineage provides the unfinished “blueprints” for the unfinished creation we are here to attempt to create, the caveat is, it will never be completed. There is no ending, nor were there ever was a beginning. Our rational minds beg to differ and finds it challenging to grasp the idea that our Souls are infinite as well as the concept that there is truly no time, no past, no future, just a continual present. Our rational minds were never meant to understand the entirety of the Soul; our minds are a creation of this dimension; our logic, only a tool we need to survive in this realm (I go into more detail on the subject of the mind in my previous Blog entitled “Our Higher Selves vs. The Brain”).

With each life and each experience we come closer to overcoming and transcending the chaos which is a byproduct of this realm, and experiencing the physical manifestation of our Divinities (and even when we accomplish that, the cycle of transcendence begins again; consider the descent of man from the time of the Ancient Egyptians; modern man has strayed far from the Divine Path and from our Spiritual connection to the cosmos and to each other. We are now beginning to enter the Age of Aquarius, where our physical paths on this earth will return to the times when “gods” truly roamed this planet, but I digress). Your family members before you carried with them the Karmic Debts and Soul Contracts of the family members before them. These can vary anywhere from (but not be limited to) greed, tyranny, enslavement, insecurity and most of all one of the most powerful karmic energies; fear. These energies create a challenge to the Spirit at this point in our "time". We enter this body and this life already physically coded by our lineage and as we grow and mature in this physical body, we have the added challenge of environmental programming to compete with as well.

So, yes, I know all we've discussed so far is "heavy". And it’s difficult to imagine our Souls actually wanting to come here to begin with, knowing what it faces but believe it or not our Soul seeks to experience this challenging chaotic, joyful and heartbreaking life! Our Spirit is absolutely, undoubtedly resilient beyond measure! It truly understands the importance of conscious experience. Our Souls LOVE this world because it offers the opportunity to “live” to “create” to experience a “Self” and to overcome challenge and adversity, both within and without. The more we come to this realm, the more opportunities our Ancestral Lineage has to release the challenges that hold us back and to offer our future lineage a “leg-up” if you will, so they can push further and hopefully experience a life of magic and Spiritual Enlightenment. For a practical example; I will use my matriarchal lineage; the women on my mother’s line were someway or other oppressed; they carried with them the energies of the oppressors of long ago. When the Spirit is trapped within this type of energy we tend to live lives where we are truly lacking our Spiritual power. Generation after generation passes and we are more and more entangled. The women in my lineage experienced situations where they felt they had no voice, they lacked formal education and became completely reliant on tyrannical men in some form or fashion. This was a karmic energy, so needless to say, I was born with their pain, their insecurities, and also their hopes for a better future, and their desire to provide a better life for their children. Because of their sacrifices, their challenges and their joys and pain and their love for me (whether or not they were always capable of demonstrating their love), I became the first college graduate, the first woman to live on her own, and the first woman to purchase her own home. It took me years to learn how to love myself and to overcome my (and our) insecurities, and now I've learned to feel my inner power and strength; my true Divinity. I choose everyday to always honor their stories and experiences as well as my own; I am them and they are me; we share this life together; we are One. And now I live my life in honor of theirs by helping others harness their own inner infinite pool of power!

You’re not going to get the complete customized and personal answer to healing your ancestral lineage in one Blog entry, but I can offer an important starting point: your pain. ALL your pain (yes, I said ALL) is linked to your lineage and your programming. Work with a therapist, a Reiki Master/Energy Healer, Life Coach, and develop a strong relationship with your Spiritual Team and with your Higher Self. (Check out my other Blog entries for more discussion on working with Spirit and developing a relationship with your Guides and the Spiritual Realm). Working on your ancestral karma not only changes you psychologically, emotionally and Spiritually, but it also changes your actual DNA! Each debt you pay, each contract you complete alters the future of your lineage and even that of the Collective. (I hope this doesn’t overwhelm you, remember our Spirits enjoy this work and we have a serious team on the other side working with us constantly!).

Stay Blessed, Protected, and always Grateful!

See you on YouTube! 😊

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