Tarot: The Light in the Dark

For some, Tarot can be a source of light-hearted entertainment where friends or party-goers can get a laugh or two or you can use the cards to play a few well-known Tarot games. I personally don’t see anything wrong with either approach when using Tarot; I truly believe Spirit supports kind and jovial behavior in general. There are groups, however, who frown upon the use of Tarot for these purposes; claiming the cards should never be “toyed” with. Some fear that “dark” entities can be inspired to run amok in your life if you were to use the cards to play a simple game. I have to admit, the thought of that makes me uncomfortable, not because I’m afraid that dark energies would enter my life, but because there are people who harbor such deep fears for such a wonderful experience the Tarot can offer, whether it is used as a game or as a life and soul-altering gift. What I won’t take lightly is the power of belief. If someone were to believe that playing with Tarot would entice dark entities then most likely, it would! At least, for them, specifically. I would highly suggest to these people that they not play with Tarot! As for me, as long as you’re not using someone else’s cards without their permission or in a manner that they would not agree with (and that’s simply respecting other people’s property) there is nothing to worry about.

As a side note, Tarot was originally created as a card game (Tarocchi was one of the first, if not the first Tarot games) before becoming a popular divinatory tool. I truly believe that whatever energy you place into Tarot (or any divinatory tool, for that matter) is the type of energy you will ultimately be working with. Fear-based beliefs is not a healthy source or foundation to begin your conversation or entry into the subconscious and superconscious realms. The most important factor to take into consideration when working with Tarot (or any tool) is setting intention. How you intend to use Tarot is crucial, and that is why ritual is very important as well. (I will do another blog on Intention and Ritual soon). Protecting and cleansing oneself from time to time to avoid the smog of energy that can become heavy after repeated divinatory sessions is vital. If you are an empath, such as myself, you naturally absorb other people’s energy, so it’s even more important for me to ritualize my cleansing and protection before and after I use my cards.

Playing with Tarot is a great way to learn the deeper meanings of the cards. There are many books available for purchase that provide direction on Tarot games and how to gain a profound connection with Tarot by becoming more familiar with each individual card and how they connect and interplay with the other cards in the deck; it’s an amazing approach that is highly interactive and dynamic when playing with others. A book I recommend is “Tarot Interactions” by Deborah Lipp. (Click on the below image to be directed to Amazon.com for purchase options). This book was very helpful on so many levels but my favorite part was the different types of games you could play to help you learn Tarot.

So just to recap; don’t entertain dark thoughts or energies (unless you want that in your life, up to you!), set intention when “going behind the veil” and cleanse/protect yourself from absorbing other people’s energies. Stay blessed! Until next time! xoxoxo

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