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Tarot and Intuition

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of Tarot and Intuition, we've got to address the stigma associated to Tarot which is most often linked to Paganism and the occult. Many people, especially those with strong religious affiliations/backgrounds don't feel comfortable with the idea of Tarot (so A LOT of people are uncomfortable with, and blind to, the concepts and teachings of Tarot). They feel (and were taught) that anything that is reminiscent of occultism or divinatory subjects are deemed "evil" and should be avoided at all cost. Although I may be personally biased, because of being a Tarot Practitioner myself, I strongly feel that a large population of people on Earth are missing the opportunity to connect to this wide and beautiful universe that fills our lives with support, love and healing energies that the Tarot makes us consciously aware of.

With the information age we currently live in, I hope that Tarot can become mainstream and more and more people can become comfortable with the idea that there are tools at our disposal that can help guide us and lift the veil of the "unknown" so we are not aimlessly walking through our lives missing out of the experience of living our best life while we are here in the physical realm.

So let's get into Tarot and how it relates and connects us to our intuition....

Did you know that our intuition is our personal guiding system that connects our souls to Divine Power as well as to other souls (think of the world wide web, as an example)? There are many phrases and terms used interchangeably to describe this, and my favorite one is the "superconsciousness"; a non-physical realm consisting of a web of various energies that all living beings are connected to, whether we are aware of it or not. One method of tapping into this realm is deep and constant meditation. An easier method is the Tarot! (Although I strongly encourage meditation on a daily basis and especially before and after a Tarot session). It's not the physical cards themselves that connects us, but rather, the images depicted on the cards. Tarot 101 teaches us that the images are "archetypes" that have been in constant use for generations. Our abilities to connect to and understand these images on a universal level, helps our conscious minds pick-up subconscious messages, which then leads us to the superconscious realm of being. (The following website best describes the superconscious: ).

Our intuition is our personal guiding system, it equips us with the ability to pick up on messages and signs and interprets those messages and signs to help us live our lives according to what is best for us individually. It is our way of feeling and experiencing the spiritual energies that surround our daily lives and helps us to better cope and manage the physical realm; we HAVE to always remember that the physical world is not the end-all and be-all of life. There are so many other factors involved in a human's journey that to disregard or ignore such things would only lead us to an unfulfilled life; one where we only experience a portion of what life can offer each one of us. Being in constant connection to our intuitive powers and using them to guide us through life can help us develop strong emotional bonds with those we love as well as help us to overcome challenges and setbacks while manifesting a life we truly want for ourselves. How amazing is that?!

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