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How To Communicate with the Spirit World

Did you know that we ALL have the ability to communicate with Spirit? AND we do so everyday without even knowing it! In this blog we’re going to be exploring the various ways in which we already commune with Spirit, methods to have more intentional conversations and also explore ways on how to strengthen your relationship with Spirit so your communication becomes clearer, stronger and more consistent!

First, to understand how this works, we have to fully grasp and recognize that we are human transmitters and receivers and we transmit and receive energy. And EVERYthing in this Universe and in all the multiverses and dimensions is pure energy! Our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and intuitive “gut” feelings are all sensory avenues in which we give and receive messages from our Spirit Guides, deceased loved ones, Angels and other dimensional beings as well as from those we know that are still alive and with us right now! For instance, have you ever experienced the shift in energy when someone walks into a room; you can feel it, you can’t quite understand why or how, but you are given a feeling or maybe a thought about this person. In these moments, you are receiving energetic/spiritual messages. Same thing happens when you think about someone and “all of a sudden” they call or text you. Another example is when you have an idea spring “out of no where” to do something, or go somewhere, or take the longer drive home etc. and when you act on that thought it becomes clear as to why you were given that message. Sometimes we can get goosebumps or chills “for no reason”. I’m sure you can come up with many instances like these examples. Think back to those times with a new perspective: you were communicating with Spirit and Spirit was communicating with you!

To get in “the flow” and to be more in tune with the constant dialogue from Divine requires our conscious awareness and focus. We need to make the conscious intention to be actively engaged with Spirit in this way. Spirit will be just as excited to work with you as you are with them, believe me! They LOVE to take part in our lives, thoughts, feelings and actions. They “live” for this!

I have to throw in a disclaimer first: The number one most important requirement in working with Spirit is to release resistance! There is no way around this. Resistance can take the form of disbelief, doubt, or impatience; allow yourself to be completely free and open to this experience! If you struggle with resistance, place your focus on overcoming that first; get to the bottom of your resistance and set it free! With that being said, let’s continue to some ideas/pointers to help you get started:

· Consider focusing in on a particular topic, subject, concern, question etc. Pose this topic to Spirit, (think it, or speak it) informing them that you are looking to gain clarity or further understanding on the matter.

· Start each day the night before; before going to sleep tell Spirit that you intend to be open to their messages during your dream state and when you wake up the next day. When you wake up, set the intention again.

· If you had a dream that night, write it down in your journal; both what you actually saw and experienced, and your thoughts and feelings about them.

· Throughout your day, keep your intention to communicate in the forefront of your thoughts.

· Pay attention to the synchronicities that occur around you; e.g a song you happen to hear, a random conversation with someone that seems to coincide with your concerns/inquiry, feelings, random thoughts or bodily sensations, random number sequences (e.g. 1111 or 444). Sometimes Spirit can put out bread crumbs throughout your day, so gather those little pieces and you’ll soon have the big picture in front of you! Also, Spirit can be very bold or amazingly subtle, so take everything in without trying to analyze too much; feel free to write your experiences down to keep a record that you can return to at a later date.

· Another amazing and simple way to communicate is through writing. Simply writing your thoughts in a journal is a sure-fire way to begin a dialogue (yes, all those times you sat with your journal writing your thoughts and feelings were times Spirit was with you and talking to you!)

As you begin to get the hang of things and you’re feeling more comfortable with your experiences begin setting aside some personal one-on-one time with Spirit. Just like any relationship, it requires our attention, time, and effort to strengthen it. This will help you build a solid foundation with Spirit moving forward. You may begin by doing a grounding meditation (take a few cleansing and healing breaths and connect to Mother Earth and the Divine realms above. Invite those of the Light (your Spirit Guides especially) to step forward and commune with you for your Highest Good). Sit with them and be open to the images, sensations, and feelings you receive during this time. When you are done thank them for their presence and assistance and come back into your physical space. Again, feel free to write your experience down, describing what occurred, what you saw or heard, etc.

Over time you’ll develop personal/customized ways to communicate with Spirit and can even create your own special “language”. We will discuss that in future Blogs, but for now, the ideas presented here are meant to get you started. Have fun with these exercises and remain in gratitude with Spirit. Stay blessed and protected! xoxo

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