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Consciousness & Healing

Everything is energy! The macrocosm of the Universe and the microcosm of the human body, down to subatomic particles are ALL made of energy with varying degrees of frequencies, from the dense frequency of matter to the highest frequencies of Angels; we are all ONE in this endless sea of energy! In this blog we’re going to dive really deep into the concepts of energy, consciousness and intention and how/why healing is important.

A Dream Within a Dream…

For us to really delve into this subject we have to go over some foundational things, mainly the idea and concept of who and what we really are. Simply put, we are emanations of a dream. Whose dream, you may ask? God; the Source of ALL! Similar to when we have a regular dream; the people, places and things in our dreams are representations of our subconscious; and so too are we representations of God/Source Energy. (Please keep in mind that I am using human language to explain the Divine Infinite Wisdom of ALL and this is a blog, not a book, although if you are interested in understanding more on this topic, I would suggest studying the Kybalion or The Hermetica). We are the vessels in which God experiences consciousness. Consciousness serves as the vehicle of creation; so everything in our world and in the Universe is but a thought in the mind of God. If you’ve ever experienced being in a dream within a dream than you can easily grasp this concept. I believe there are many layers of dreams within dreams.

Turning On the Light

God said, “Let There Be Light”… this “Light”, I truly believe, is consciousness. God thought the Universe into Being. Within every living “thing” is consciousness. (People are still debating whether or not plants or animals have consciousness, but I don’t need to wait until the jury comes back; I’ve meditated with plants and psychically communicated with animals, so yeah, every living thing is conscious; just different types of conscious awareness). Individually, and Collectively, we create our inner and outer worlds. The more Awake and EnLIGHTened we become the better the chances are that we begin to create what it is our Souls truly want out of this life as opposed to creating from mental programming (I’ve discussed different types of programming, such as environmental, ancestral, etc. in previous blogs).

Directing the Flow of Energy

What we place our consciousness on and what we believe in becomes reality. Remember, we are all individual representations of Source; we are NOT Source, however, but because we are part of the ALL, we are able to manifest and create with our own thoughts. Remember I mentioned earlier that everything is energy? We can learn to direct the flow of energy through our Conscious Awareness and through our intentions. Our mind and bodies are energy transmitters and receivers but add to that our conscious awareness and we can also become Tuning Forks; able to create the energetic resonance we so desire.

How Healing Plays A Part

Meditation, therapy and healing is so very very important for each of us. We need to declutter our energetic resonance of all the pain, hurt and programming that make us automatically create a world that doesn’t align with our Soul’s Essence. All of the deeply buried unhealed experiences, traumas, disappointments, resentments, etc. in our subconscious still creates its own resonance within and around us until it is healed through acceptance and self-love. If every single one of us focus our energies on turning on that “Light” of consciousness within us and directing our flow of energies, not only could we create a life that we want, but turning on our Light can inspire others we are connected to turn on theirs, and they too can inspire others and so on and so forth. Imagine that! The best way to change the world is to change ourselves! Are you willing to heal My Fellow Magicians? Are you willing to change the world?

Stay blessed, protected and ALWAYS grateful My Loves! See you on YouTube!

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