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Connecting to Spirit

 My name is Leona and I am a Tarot Practitioner. I use my intuitive and psychic gifts along with the Tarot Cards to provide guidance and understanding on matters of the Human & Spiritual Experience. Whatever you may be going through in this moment is deeply connected to the universe and the Collective Consciousness. We are all ONE! Tarot helps us to tap into this "web" of information and collective experiences that only our Higher Selves are aware of. With this knowledge, the Tarot can shed light to deeper meanings and lessons as well as possibilities of future outcomes; those that are fated to happen and those that our choices create.

The Guided Tarot Mission: To help others attain their goals and to feel empowered to lead a life full of self-love and Awareness! To assist others in Spiritual journeys and processes. To provide a safe space for communing with the Divine.

An important note: Tarot Readings or any other service/product offered on this site are not intended to take the place of professional medical guidance. If you have any health concerns please consult a medical professional.


An important note: I do not answer questions on lottery numbers, and/or provide help in locating lost/stolen items. I also do not provide readings for pets.

I highly suggest prior to our one-on-one session that you take a moment to relax yourself the best possible way (a few deep inhales and exhales can help!). I often do a "pre-shuffle" prior to the start of our session so I can obtain some general energies surrounding you at the moment. During the session there will be moments of silence as I begin to gather the energies and interpret the images. Our discussions will then begin once this process is complete.


When you are ready to book your reading, visit the "Book Online" page of this site, choose which type of reading you would like and complete the booking and payment process. Cancellations: ****Rescheduling can only be granted at least 4 Hours in advance or you forfeit your appointment and will need to purchase another date and time on the Bookings Page. Please Email: theguidedtarot@gmail.com or Text: 302-545-2494 or use the Contact form on the Home Page to submit your cancellation/reschedule notice.



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